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Mission & Philosophy

The Alavina Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to advancing and promoting art, spirituality, and science. It is through these mediums of art, spirituality, and science that we can learn to attain our highest potential, and therefore become more virtuous. Being virtuous is synonymous with honoring every aspect of life, a natural by-product of which is fully cherishing and embracing our cultural, ideological, philosophical and religious diversity.

To accomplish its mission, The Alavina Foundation provides series of events and programs encompassing a broad range of humanistic and scientific themes, such as art, dance, literature, philosophy, music, and natural sciences. We work with various other organizations and groups throughout the world to collaborate on these types of events for the benefit of the public.

History & Legacy

The principles governing The Alavina Foundation are rooted in an ancient past - a point in time where people from all walks of life came together to create, innovate and live harmoniously with one another. There have been many instances in our shared humanity where this way of life has been achieved and it is our aim at The Alavina Foundation to assist in recreating such an environment in these modern times in a most efficient way, thereby paving the way towards a solid foundation and legacy for the future.

Program Information

Living in Literature Series™

The Living in Literature Series™ is a platform for live and virtual literary presentations in which Mr. Larry J. Gianakos, as well as others with an affinity for literature, can share their knowledge and wisdom of literature as they interact with audiences worldwide. 

In addition to serving as a catalyst for creating and fostering a unique literary community, this platform will serve to archive the vast and invaluable knowledge of those who have dedicated their lives to understanding and examining the world’s greatest literary masterpieces, beginning with Mr. Gianakos himself. 

The Joyful Living Forum™

A space where art and science come together in celebration of life! 

The Joyful Living Forumis a platform in which we share and celebrate life through art and science. This is an opportunity to develop both hemispheres of the brain through unique and vibrant experiences. In this forum, participants will discover and realize their gifts and talents through the use of various engaging modalities. 

These events will soon be held in select venues throughout the United States and abroad. 

The Alavina Concert Series™

The Alavina Concert Seriesconsists of live, interactive, and themed musical events showcasing various artists through performance art, original musical compositions, original dance choreography, and visual effects. 

These multimedia events will soon be held in unique and select venues throughout the United States and abroad. 

Founders of The Alavina Foundation

Cintia Calevoso, Esq.

Cintia is the Co-Founder and President of The Alavina Foundation, managing all day to day activities of the organization.

Since she can remember, Cintia has been captivated and enamored with the world’s great civilizations and the philosophers, artists, and scientists that these helped foster. Her own erudite training began early on, having studied music, ultimately becoming a vocalist and professional flautist. Undergraduate studies consisted of music and psychology.

Eventually,Cintia went on to earn her Juris Doctor of Law degree. In addition to her position at The Alavina Foundation, Cintia is also the managing attorney at Calevoso Law, an arts, media, entertainment, and business law firm, with a strong emphasis on serving the philanthropic and non profit communities. Her range of legal experience includes arts, media, and entertainment law, corporate and business law, including non profit law, copyright and trademark law, and commercial litigation. Cintia is also a frequent lecturer on the subjects of  entertainment law and intellectual property at various universities, law schools, continuing legal educational seminars, and other industry events.

Needless to say, Cintia greatly enjoys the arts, philosophy, and the natural sciences. She takes joy in creating and sharing music, also supporting other artists with their artistic endeavors. Her pursuits are in devotion towards the empowerment of people through programs in the arts, conscious awareness of social issues, and contribution to worldwide peace.

Cintia is proficient in Spanish and conversant in Portuguese.

Ignacio Aguirre

Ignacio is the Vice President of The  Alavina Foundation, providing ongoing support with the day to day activities of the organization. 

From a young age, Ignacio has been intrigued by the wisdom of the world’s great philosophers and captivated by the artistic and functional expressions of the ancient civilizations through architecture. Ignacio believes that “we are here to serve a higher purpose as we strive to live a virtuous life”. 

Ignacio is also the Associate Director at Cumming Corporation, a privately held international project management and cost consulting firm with 37 offices worldwide, focusing on serving the High Tech, Education, Healthcare, Themed Entertainment, and Hospitality sectors. Ignacio’s unique skill set serves to assist the firm in achieving their construction goals. His personable nature while interfacing with clients coupled with technical know-how make him a versatile and valuable asset to any project. Ignacio’s skills in cost-estimating and project management are currently being put to use towards overseeing construction projects of Fortune 500 companies in the Silicon Valley region of California.

A musician at heart, Ignacio loves playing guitar, especially traditional Brazilian and flamenco music. He greatly enjoys spending time with his wife Cintia and their two cats. He is also the proud father of Maria and Max.

Emissaries of Light™

Larry James Gianakos

Once described as the “premiere chronicler of American television drama”, Larry has been considered by many in the television industry as a pioneer whose “work will have significant effects for generations to come”. An ambitious television researcher, Larry has been said to have done for television what Roget did for ‘The Thesaurus’ and Bartlett did for ‘Familiar Quotations’. “He has essentially codified the industry, brought order out of chaos, and made sense of what for decades was insensible.”

In line with his unbridled dedication and enthusiasm for television and the arts, Larry has been a member of the Cleveland, Ohio based chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences since 1982, and a member of The Players, Edwin Booth’s eminent Manhattan based theater organization, since 1996, becoming a Lifetime Member in 2012. For some forty-six years, Larry has been immersed into the collecting of rare first editions, author letters and ephemera. The Gianakos-Safos Collection (since 2009 in partnership with his lifelong friend, Robert P. Safos, Esq.) is now considered the finest in the world of Pulitzer Prize literature in particular. This assembly — and the stunning story behind it — would serve as the inspiration for a production titled “The Pulitzer at 100”, which is available at www.thepulitzerat100.com, which is available at www.thepulitzerat100.com. 

Larry’s accumulated wisdom from the definitive collection plays an important role in the illumination of the greater world through his pivotal participation in and co-creation of the Living in Literature Series of The Alavina Foundation. We are beyond honored and ecstatic that Larry is now one of our 

Emissaries of Light™.

Yana Eminova

Yana is a lyric soprano whose charismatic persona and brilliant voice have a profound effect on anyone who has the pleasure of being in her presence (whether on or off the stage). Blessed to have been born into a family with a strong foundation in classical music (both parents having been professors and performers of classical music), Yana’s most vivid memories of musical experiences begin at the age of 4. Destined for operatic success, Yana had her first professional solo concert at the tender age of 16. 

Yana is a graduate of the prestigious and world renown Moscow Conservatory, with a degree in conducting and voice. Yana has toured much of the world, including Europe, the United States, Asia, and South America and has performed in such venues as the Alice Tully Hall and the Rose Theatre at the Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, Frankfurt Opera, Opera City in Tokyo, and the Moscow State Conservatoire, among many others. Yana is a prizewinner of 10 international competitions, including 1st Prize at the Licia Albanese Puccini Foundation Competition in New York City. She is a frequent guest on radio and television outlets throughout the United States and abroad. Yana’s repertoire is vast and diverse, covering hundreds of musical pieces in opera, jazz and romantic ballads. 

Consistent with her belief that artists should use their persona and influence towards a greater cause, Yana is involved in numerous humanitarian endeavors. She is also the co-creator and organizer of two international projects, “Centuries Without War” and “Harmony of the Future”, both of which synthesize art and science. Most recently, she has been enthusiastically engaged in an educational project called “UchimZnaem” in pediatric cancer hospital schools in Russia where she manages the public relations department, acts as an ambassador for the project, creates international alliances, and assists in the opening of other schools throughout the region. Yana believes that it is an important calling to support young people in developing their talents, doing so in a loving and compassionate way. We are honored and delighted that Yana is now one of our Emissaries of Light™. 


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